Just a quick passing thought this week … when was the last time that you took a weekend away from the ministry just so that you could have a mental/physical/spiritual sabbath? If you are like most children’s ministry workers, outside of the weekend that you go out of town to visit family for a vacation, you are in your classroom week after week after week, right? And, in doing so, even though that you love the children and families of your church, it is easy to lose the joy and passion for the ministry. Am I correct?

I trust that you won’t think that the following statement is heretical. Consider this. There is nothing wrong with occasionally having a weekend away from the ministry when you are NOT on vacation or NOT at a seminar or NOT on your deathbed. In fact, there is something wrong if we DON’T take an occasional brief sabbath.

For your longevity, discover the reality that there is a refreshing and invigorating that will energize your mind, body, and spirit when you occasionally come apart from the ministry and enjoy a morning at the beach or a walk through a nearby national park. Jesus knew the value of a coming apart from the ministry so that He would not fall apart. It would be prudent to follow His example.

Again … it’s just a thought.