A couple of Sundays ago, we opened our home to our entire staff of children’s ministry staff for a come and go open house Christmas party. It was so much fun. We had so many of our volunteer staff and their families with us that it was wall-to-wall people. And, to make things even more exciting, some of the families brought trays of finger foods and others brought plates of desserts. We had tables and counters covered with food. Great friends, unbelievable food … it was heaven on earth.

Towards the end of the evening, one of our staff was playing songs from the iTunes on my computer. Within a few minutes, he began to play songs from one of my all-time favorite musicians, Andraé Crouch, and soon one of my all-time favorite songs, Andraé’s The Blood Will Never Lose Its Power. Upon hearing the song, I commented to some of our staff how that song contains a message that seems to be lost in today’s Christian music. The church has lost sight of the power found in the blood of Jesus. As a child growing up in church, we sang song after song that talked about Jesus’ blood. We sang songs like There’s Power in the Blood and Oh, the Blood of Jesus and Victory in Jesus and There is a Fountain Filled with Blood and I See a Crimson Stream of Blood. Now, I double dare you list more than two or three songs that are sung in today’s services that mention Jesus’ blood. Even better, I challenge you to try to remember when you’ve heard a message that challenges believers to remind Satan about the believer’s victory brought through the blood that flowed at Calvary.

In planning next year’s ministry, I’ve been stirred for some time to resurrect a series that I wrote possibly ten years ago entitled “The Blood, The Word, The Name: Weapons to Keep Satan in His Place”. Hearing that song at the party served as a reminder and confirmation to cement this teaching in our boys and girls spirits. I mention these weapons occasionally, but haven’t given a thorough teaching on these weapons in quite some time.

As we approach a new year, would you consider joining with me and let’s teach our children about the power found in these weapons? I would venture that many if not all of your children have no revelation of the weapons that causes Satan and his imps to shake with indescribable fear. Let’s equip this generation to be the generation that will keep Satan in his place which is under our feet!