Last week, I shared that if we can read in the Word or in times gone by of God working supernaturally in a certain area then we can have a precidence for asking Him doing it again. We can be confident of the fact that if God has done it before, He can do it again.

The reason for this series of blogs is to show that history records times of God moving supernaturally in and through boys and girls. And, in seeing this, it should cause us to cry out, “Lord, do it again. Send your Spirit to my children’s ministry. Pour out your Spirit upon my children so that they can be mightily used of you. Lord, please do it one more time!”

This week, let’s look at another time in history of God coming upon children…

Welsh Revival, Evan Roberts, 1904. “While this was a revival of youth, children were so taken up with the things of God that they held their own meetings in homes, barns, yards; many from the age of 10 would exhort, sing and pray with great power. Many young children took part in public meetings as well.” Mary Stewart Relfe, Cure of All Ills,(Montgomery: League of Prayer, 1988), 86 “Children began to sing and pray for hours.”Wesley Duewel, Revival Fire (Grand Rapids: Zondervan Publishing House, 1995), 165.

Join me. Together let’s cry out, “Lord, do it one more time!”