Years ago, I spoke at a conference and shared a teaching entitled Why Settle for the Natural When You Can Have the Supernatural. It was evident that the room was filled with people dissatisfied with the present status of their ministry. All across the room, people sat weeping as the Holy Spirit ministered. They knew that heaven offered more than what they were experiencing.

It is true. There is more. That longing and dissatisfaction within you is God’s Spirit working, prompting you to align yourself with Heaven so that He can move in and among your children.

Last week, I shared the first of The Ten Commandments of the Supernatural. I trust that you’ve made the changes shared in that teaching. This week, we’ll share the second commandment.

Commandment #2 Thou Shalt Connect With Your Children

This commandment ties in with the first commandment. Often, many children’s ministry workers arrive just before time that class is to begin and then race to set up their room, locate the ministry equipment that mysteriously disappeared during the week, and then start the service. In doing so, they have set into motion two enemies to a supernatural children’s ministry.

  1. Neglecting the Opportunity to Connect. Believe it or not, many children’s workers miss out on one of the most powerful times of ministry. Long before your feet hit the platform to start the service, the opportunity for supernatural ministry can be in motion! You see, supernatural ministry can begin at the very instant that the first child walks into the room. That one-on-one time with an individual child before your class time begins can produce equal if not greater results than your platform ministry. How is this possible? 1 Corinthians 13 tells us of the greatness and power of love and Romans 5:5 tells us that this love is a supernatural work of the Holy Ghost. I have witnessed over and over again the ministry of the Holy Spirit as I connected with and gave my undivided attention and love to a child. It is amazing how 45 seconds or 2 minutes can eternally impact a child’s life.
  2. The Wrong Kind of Connection. In arriving just in the nick of time, there is a connection of the wrong kind, one that can thwart any move of the Holy Ghost. I really don’t need to provide much explanation because this happens far too often. Our late arrival causes our attention to be distracted from the children as we frantically put things together. We are confused and bewildered as we race to make things happen. Soon, our confusion, bewilderment, and anxiety permeates the room and sets in motion a ministry catastrophe. Why? Because there is a spiritual connection with the children. The children pick up and join in on our confused, anxious spirit. The end result is chaotic.

See you next week with Commandment #3.