I love it. I love connecting each week with people who have come to the decision that being filled with and flowing together with the Holy Spirit is NOT an option but rather a necessity. I love to explain this dependency with this illustration. In purchasing a new car, the window sticker will list items included in the price of the car. In one column, the manufacturer will list the basics of the car. In another column, there is a list of optional features such as satellite radio or a built in navigational system. While the satellite radio and navigational systems are nice, the reality is the car will function with or without these additional features. But there are items listed on the window sticker that are have-to haves. For example, having an engine is a necessity, not an optional add-on. Having a steering wheel is a necessity, not an optional add-on. Without these, the car just can’t function. The same is true in my life concerning the Holy Spirit. I have come to understand that I just can’t function without Him. And, I believe that this is true for you. Otherwise you would not be reading this blog right now!

Let’s get back to our Ten Commandments of the Supernatural and examine the fifth commandment.

Commandment #5 Thou Shalt Minister in Boldness and Authority

I am constantly amazed at the mealy-mouthed, namby-pamby presentation of the gospel given by children’s workers. While there is a place for fun and excitement in the delivery of the Good News, this can’t be to the exclusion of a Holy Ghost-filled, power-packed, no-holds-barred expectation for God to show up and demonstrate His presence by His Holy Spirit. Often, prayers are perfunctory. The prayers are just a part of the check-off list of what has to be done. Altar calls are quick and meaningless. In many classrooms and children’s church services, ministry has been reduced to being an information presentation void of any power to back up what has been given.

How should our ministry be conducted? Well, let’s go back to the example provided. I challenge you to take time this week and reread the Gospels and the Book of Acts. There was nothing mealy-mouth, namby-pamby about Jesus’ ministry in the Gospels and the ministry of the believers in the Book of Acts. With authority and boldness, the Good News was taught and demonstrated. They taught. They demonstrated. And, it wasn’t with a cowardly, iffy-type delivery. With boldness and confidence they preached, they prayed, and they saw God show up!

One of the greatest revelations that we can receive is that when you and I stand up to minister, we aren’t standing in front of children as just a mere human being. We are representatives of the most high God. We are His means of seeing His will and desires manifest. We are His spokesmen. We are empowered with His full authorization to act in His stead in the affairs of this world.

What has God given to us to enable us to be His representatives? First of all, we have God Himself living on the inside of us. He is not afar off. He is residing on the inside of us. We have His almighty, powerful His Word abiding within us. We have His precious Holy Spirit abiding within us. His host of ministering angels are awaiting the sound of our voice. What more do you need?

Consider this … Being mealy-mouthed and namby-pamby shows that we haven’t recognized who we are and who is abiding within us. Come on. Let’s stand in front of our ministry assignments with boldness. Let’s stand in His authority. Let’s speak and know that all of Hell is shaking. Let’s pray and know that God is awaiting an opportunity to respond. Let’s lay hands upon the sick and KNOW that they will be healed. Let’s be bold and confident because we KNOW that we are the representatives of the most high God!

See you next week for Commandment #6.