Are you longing for the supernatural move of God’s Spirit to invade your services? Are you ready to see children who flow with the Holy Spirit? If you are one of these people, I ask you to read and then reread today’s blog entry. This commandment is vital for those who desire to escape the natural and begin to flow in the supernatural. Let’s get into the next of our Ten Commandments of the Supernatural.

Commandment #6 Thou Shalt Use Your Voice

When I first started in the ministry there was a phrase included in most wedding ceremonies that I conducted that just isn’t used any more. Towards the end of the ceremony, as the officiating minister I would say, “If there is anyone present that objects to this wedding, let them speak now or forever hold their peace.” If there were no objections, it was concluded that everyone was content with the marriage proceeding and then I would pronounce the couple man and wife.

Here is one observation that I’ve made concerning moves of God. Those who see a move of God are noisy people. Sitting back and just watching the proceeding continue unchallenged just isn’t tolerated. Holy Ghost people have come to terms with the reality that mental discontent isn’t enough. Someone has got to stand up and begin to use their voice to declare aloud what God has promised concerning the outpouring and moving of His precious Spirit upon THIS generation.

Be assured that isn’t an exercise in futility. As we stand and interrupt the “ceremonies” by speaking God’s Word, we:

1. Notify heaven that we see the way things are and are reminding them of their promises. The sound of God’s Word going into the heavenlies causes the Spirit of God to take action!
2. Cause faith to arise within ourselves. Why? Because faith comes by HEARING (not thinking). When we speak aloud the promises of God, faith swells up on the inside of us and causes us to boldly begin to act upon what we hear!
3. Serve notice on the enemy and remind him that it is a new day. TODAY is the day of the Holy Ghost. His days of causing complacency and spiritual-lite services are over. TODAY is a day for the supernatural and the first course of business for the supernatural is to serve a no trespassing order to Satan and his imps!

Let me ask you the (modified) question that I used to say in the marriage ceremony … “If there is anyone present that objects to the services that you’ve been having, let them speak now or forever hold their peace.” Come on. Stand to your feet right now and begin to make some noise!

See you next week with Commandment #7.