Let’s be honest. It is easy to talk the talk about being a Holy Ghost children’s ministry. I hear the talk from so, so many people. But, actually walking the walk for being a part of this move of God is far more difficult than flapping your lips and spitting out the rhetorical verbiage. That is why revival isn’t widespread. 

Seeing the fulfillment of Joel’s prophecy for an outpouring of God’s Spirit is reserved for a select group of people. Those who genuinely see children living in the realm of the spirit are part of a group known as The Radicals, ones who dare to go where few have ever ventured to go and do things that leave the comfort zone far behind.

I was thinking about this late last night as I was flying back from Texas to my home in Florida. In meditating upon Acts 10, I saw that God called Peter to leave the comforts of his religious upbringing and the safety of his way of doing things so that he could follow God. God’s command was so radical that He had to tell Peter three times that He was fully aware that Peter would be going into uncharted waters. 

What was the result? Some 2,000 years later you and I can look back to thank Peter. It was because of Peter’s radical action that you and I as Gentiles have received the Gospel. It was because of a person who dared to go where no one had ever dared to go that Joel’s prophecy was fulfilled and God’s Spirit was and is being poured out upon ALL flesh.

My call today is to radicals. Will you be counted as a member of this select group? This is the day for radicals to dare to go where no person has ventured in children’s ministry. Evidently the way that we’ve always done children’s ministry isn’t working. It’s time for the radicals to hear God’s voice, obey God’s voice and dare to venture into the land of the Spirit.

Are you genuinely desperate for an outpouring of God’s Spirit upon your children and children’s ministry? Only RADICALS need apply.