I pray that this teaching series is being a blessing to you. Please print the blogs in this series and distribute them to your Sunday school teachers, children’s church volunteers, and mid-week club leaders. I am convinced that they will help usher in a mighty move of God in your children’s ministry.

Now, here is the next commandment.

Commandment #8 Thou Shalt Be Sensitive

I’ll be perfectly honest. I hate, hate, hate to counsel people, especially those going through marital problems. To me, the answer to any marital problem is quite simple. It comes down to me asking one or two questions, “What are you doing now that you weren’t doing when you were dating?” or “What are you not doing now that you were doing when you were dating?” Often, I find that familiarity has changed the whole scenario of the relationship. That “specialness” has disappeared in the marriage. Sometime in their relationship, one or both of the individuals stopped doing those special things or acting in that special way to keep their relationship the way that it was when they were trying to get into the relationship. If their behavior during their dating days was anything like they are acting towards each other now, they would have never married, right?

How does this relate to a supernatural children’s ministry? Those who flow in the supernatural are those who monitor their “specialness meter”. In other words, these individuals walk in the same or even a greater sensitivity throughout their relationship with the Holy Spirit as they did at the beginning of their relationship. Those who see the Holy Spirit move supernaturally are those who are sensitive to His presence and strive to only do what would be pleasing to the Spirit of God.

The apostle Paul gives this strong admonition:

“And do not grieve the Holy Spirit of God
[do not offend or vex or sadden Him] …”
Ephesians 4:30 (The Amplified Bible)

Let’s remember that according to John 14, the Holy Spirit, the Parakletos (Greek – the One called to walk alongside), is now constantly abiding within you. He is fully conscious of your every word, thought, and action. The knowledge of His abiding presence within us should cause us to monitor our “specialness meter”. With the sensitivity and “specialness” intact, we will flee anything that would grieve the Spirit of God in our daily lives and in our times of ministry. And, knowing that you value and treasure Him and His presence, the Holy Spirit will begin to move in an awesome, powerful way.

See you next week for Commandment #9.