I trust that these blog entries are being beneficial to you and that you are learning how to flow with the Holy Spirit. He truly wants to equip you so that this can be a generation that supernaturally flows with Him.

Let’s look at the next commandment.

Commandment #9 Thou Shalt Leave Your Pride at the Front Door

This commandment is significant for three reasons:
1. You will make mistakes. As with developing a relationship with any person, there will be learning times, times to gain a better understanding of who the Holy Spirit is, how to hear and recognize His voice, and how to flow with Him. In these times, you WILL make mistakes. It’s a given. This doesn’t mean that you are less spiritual. It is truly a learning experience! So, what do you do when you make a mistake? Apologize to Him. Secondly, publicly acknowledge your mistake. Public mistakes demand public apologies. Again, there shouldn’t be any shame in making mistakes. It wasn’t your intent to err. But, you should own up to the mistake and let the children know that it was a mistake and with God’s help that it won’t happen again.
2. You will be pushed beyond your comfort zone. Those who flow with the Holy Spirit and see the supernatural transpire will have their human senses shout, “Stop. You don’t know what you are doing. This isn’t like you! This is foolishness. What will people think about the colossal mess that you are about to create?” Getting out of your comfort zone is never pleasant. Remember, those who walk in the supernatural never stay in the boat of comfort.
3. Pride can become your greatest enemy. Remember this. Pride is a double edged sword. Your pride can keep you from attempting to flow in the supernatural due to the fear of what others will say about you. And, after seeing the Holy Spirit manifest through you, the sword can turn to destroy you and totally stop the flow of the Holy Spirit due to the pride and arrogance developed in your attitude brought about by what others say about you. This can be eradicated by remembering that God is the source of the power. It’s not you. Never has been and never will be. This should keep us humble and dependent upon Him!

See you next week with Commandment #10.