Joey, Billy, Gavin, and Vickie

Recently, Vickie and I went up to Lakeland, Florida for a couple of days so that we could join in on the birthday celebration of our youngest grandson, Gavin. It’s difficult to believe that he has already turned 2-years-old. He is an incredibly handsome little boy. (No brag, just fact!)

While we were with Joey and Gavin, I don’t know who had the most fun, the grandparents or the grandsons. We laughed, wrestled, tickled, played with toys, and played games. Can you see that Vickie and I loved our time with these boys?

One game that we played with our 4-year-old grandson Joey is the game Hide and Go Seek. To be honest, the game was so much fun. You see, Joey is a horrible hider. He would hide behind window drapes and have his feet in plain sight thus making him easy to be found. At other times, Joey would hide under the dining room table, again, easy to be found. I’m still laughing at the giggles coming from Joey as we would search for this “masterful” hider. If his poor hiding didn’t give his location away, his giggles would make it impossible to not find him.

Would you take some time today and discover the Holy Spirit? You see, He is also a horrible hider. In fact, it is safe to say that He is too, too easy to find. He so wants to be discovered in your life and children’s services. He hides in plain sight. And, He is so anxious to be discovered, the Holy Spirit is continually talking while He is “hiding”. You can’t help but find Him … if you will only take the time to look.