It’s quite early on this Monday morning. In fact, it’s just after 4 AM. Vickie and I arrived back home just 4 1/2 hours ago from our Regional Ignite the Supernatural Conference held in Lenexa, Kansas. I won’t even begin to try to find the words to describe God’s goodness at the conference. The words “incredible” and “awesome” fall far short. I guess that it would be safe to write that God outdid Himself as hungry people gathered together to learn how to flow with His precious Holy Spirit. I am honestly living right now in the afterglow of this meeting.

While I loved each and every workshop and general session at the conference, it was evident that there was a special, tangible anointing as I taught the workshop on The Ten Commandments of the Supernatural. The truths are simple and yet so practical and needed. I wish that I could go to every church represented by those reading this blog and personally share this teaching. The day will come (hopefully soon) that I can propagate this teaching in book form.

While I can’t personally travel to every church and personally teach this lesson, I recognize that I can teach this lesson through you. Below, you will find a link that will make this teaching available to you. Download it. Print it. Distribute this teaching to each and every worker in your children’s ministry. I only ask two things of you. First, please do not modify this teaching. Secondly, please retain the copyright information shown at the bottom of the teaching.

One more thing. Do me one favor. Write me and let me know how the teaching impacted those working alongside of you. [email protected].