If you’ve been in any of our Ignite the Supernatural Conferences, you have probably heard me tell of my high school Sunday school teacher, Treva Evans. She was a tremendous lady. I love to jokingly tell of her having false teeth and how that back then the adhesives used to hold false teeth in place weren’t very good. When Treva would give a message in tongues, you could easily give the interpretation if you knew Morse Code. All humor aside, when Sister Evans would walk into a classroom, unlike any teacher that I had ever sat under at church, you could tell that she had heard from the Holy Ghost. Like Jeremiah of old, she had that fire shut up in her bones. When she spoke to that ornery bunch of high school kids, we had to listen. We knew that she had heard from heaven.

That Talker who spoke to Treva Evans way back in the early 1970’s is still in the talking business in 2012. And, you don’t have to be a television “superstar” preacher to hear His voice. To use a phrase from a friend, Mark Hankins, you (that’s right … Y-O-U) can “know in your knower” that you have heard the voice of the Holy Ghost because His voice is so clear and unmistakable. Consider this verse ….

“Now the Holy Spirit clearly says that …”
1 Timothy 4:1 (New Century Version)

Will you join me in this Holy Ghost revolution and become a present-day Treva Evans? Will you join me by being someone in 2012 that will walk into a ministry opportunity with a fire in your spirit and a countenance that reflects that you have been with and heard the voice of the Holy Ghost? The world (and your kids) is waiting on someone who has been and continues to listen to The Voice. Will you be that someone?