One of the most profound statements about the Holy Spirit is found in Benny Hinn’s book “Welcome, Holy Spirit” where he quotes Kathryn Kuhlman telling of her relationship with the Spirit of God. Let me share this thought taken from page 28 ” … Kathryn Kuhlman looked out over those seated in the audience for her healing service and said of the Holy Spirit, ‘He’s more real to me than you are.'”

How real is the Holy Spirit to you? For many, the Holy Spirit is Someone that they kind of know exists but can’t provide much information about Him. To others, He is just a part of a religious creed recited in church services. Others have reduced God’s Spirit to nothing more than a force or mystical, invisible entity.

I know that this blog entry isn’t very lengthy. It doesn’t take many words to ask you to examine the realness of the Holy Spirit in your life. Can you join Kathryn Kuhlman in stating that He is more real to you than the flesh and blood person sitting in the room with you right now? If not, do yourself a favor and get to know the Spirit of the living God. In doing so, you’ll never ever be the same again.