In the last two blog entries, I shared games that will enhance your teaching about the Holy Spirit. This week, I want to share a few ideas about some props that I use in my teachings.

First, let me share some props that you probably already own.

  • A Swiss army knife. Great prop for teaching how the Holy Spirit is prepared to assist in any and every situation. These knives have every type of accessory needed to remedy practically any need. Jesus showed His dependence upon the “Swiss army knife” Companion in Luke 4:18-19.
  • A flashlight with battery.In going to Walmart or Target, you will discover that flashlights are sold along with the batteries needed to power the flashlight. Why? Because without the needed power, the flashlight can’t fulfill its purpose!
  • A dogbone. Sold in the pet stores or department stores. A great prop for illustrating how the Holy Spirit gives you a spiritual backbone. (Acts 1:8) The bigger the dogbone, the better for the illustration!
  • Barbells. Used to illustrate the value of praying in other tongues. Jude 20 and 1Corinthians 14:4 teaches that we grow stronger as we pray in our heavenly prayer language.
  • A GPS (global positioning system). Used to demonstrate that the Holy Spirit has been sent to lead and guide us. (John 16:13)
  • A three-legged easel or tripod. Great for teaching about the Trinity, their responsibilities and dependency upon each other. Each leg of the easel is important and carries equal responsibility. In the Trinity, the Father was dependent upon the Son to express His love. The Son was dependent upon the Father for His leadership. The Son was dependent upon the Holy Spirit to enable Him to fulfill His assignment. The Holy Spirit was dependent upon the Father to lead the Son and speak to the Son. Great illustration!
  • Here are some props that you can purchase through Just type in the information that I am providing into Amazon’s search engine and you will be offered a large selection to choose from.

  • Rubber brain. Great for teaching about being lead by your spirit and not your brain.
  • Rubber tongue. Great for teaching how the Holy Spirit doesn’t grab ahold of our tongue and force us to speak in other tongues. Paul wrote, “I will pray in the Spirit.” It is a matter of our will.
  • Play Visions Mega Mouth by Play Visions. Great prop for showing the importance of opening up your mouth and using your voice to connect your spirit and the Holy Spirit as we pray in our heavenly language.
  • Plastic ear. Great for teaching about the inward ear that hears the voice of the Holy Spirit.
  • Stiff rope. Great “magic” prop for illustrating how the Holy Spirit will give you a spiritual backbone.
  • I’ll see you next week with more ideas for making the teaching about the Holy Spirit come alive.