They say that confession is good for the soul. And so, here’s my confession. (I feel like I am at an AA meeting.) I am Billy Burns and I am helplessly addicted to word games on my iPad and iPhone. I absolutely love playing games like Words With Friends, Hanging With Friends, Scramble With Friends, etc. By far, my favorite game is Words With Friends. I have 12 games going right now and I am winning in 9 of the games.

Why is this Scrabble-like game my favorite? Because I’ve learned the strategy of the game. It’s not just placing letters on the screen to form a word. It’s not about playing a word just to play a word. Many of my opponents haven’t discovered this secret. Good players know the importance of strategically forming words that will give maximum points while not setting up their opponent and enabling them to form Double Word or Triple Word possibilities.

Many children’s leaders are just like my Words With Friends opponents. They just do a service because it’s time to do something. There is no foresight and planning on their part. They fail to be strategic in their planning.

Have you looked at 2013? Do you have a vision where you want to be 12 months from now? Are there specific goals and dreams for your ministry? I know that I do. That’s why we kicked off this year with a series that I wrote called The Blood, The Word, The Name. At the end of this year, I want to see children who are boldly standing for God and using the powerful God-given weapons against our enemy. After this series, we’ll spend time teaching On Assignment with the Holy Ghost. I can foresee a powerful year ahead of us.

So, will I be doing services just to do services? Are you kidding me? No way! There is a strategy. Each and every service will be pointing towards the end goal. There will also be fun weekends mixed in-between the series. That’s a part of the strategy. I know that the children are spirit, soul, and body. They need variety. But, I have the services lined up to make 2013 be a year of destiny. I’ve heard from God. I’m making strategic moves and being fully aware that He will also be making strategic moves.

Bring on 2013. I’m ready!