Last week, I posted a blog titled “My Brain is Working Overtime” in which I listed several questions that I believe must be examined by everyone working in children’s ministry. If you haven’t read the post, I would ask you to take 3 or 4 minutes and read my ponderings. At the end of the blog, I asked for your input. This week, allow me to share some excerpts taken from your tremendous responses.

  • “Great questions and sad we have to ask.”
  • “Happy to say that the Spirit of the living God is upon our children who experience His presence and been baptized, and prophesied regularly in our mist. Children continue to go deeper and deeper each week. That is so exciting to see and experience.”
  • “The questions you posted are exactly the ones I asked as I came here. My heart is to see these children know God and through that paradigm how to walk in the Spirit and pursue the things on Father’s heart such as missions and ministry. The book “Teaching Kids Authentic Worship” was also a great confirmation and encouragement.”
  • “I found in my own life that I don’t do the things you asked about because it’s easier not to. When we choose not do those things everything can be easily controlled, predictable and BORING! It costs our flesh to step out and trust the Holy Spirit.”
  • “We are seeing kids more hungry for God. Children are still being baptized in the Holy Spirit. We are teaching them to enter into the prophetic realm…. (9 gifts of the Spirit). Teaching them they are hearing God’s voice just that they need to recognize His voice and step out in faith. It is not easy…. but God always comes through. My deepest concern is that I may miss the mark and I truly don’t want to miss the mark.”

It’s me again. What is your response to the questions that I posted? I’d love to read your input. Contact me with your response.