Here is a fact … the majority of children/youth in your ministry that are baptized in the Holy Spirit receive the infilling at a children’s/youth camp or retreat. Am I right? This explains why there are very few individuals in your ministry baptized in the Holy Spirit. I know from personal experience that the cost for these events has increased to where it is cost prohibitive for families to be able to afford to send a child(ren). With three-day retreats costing over $100 and five-day camps costing almost $200, who can afford to send their children to these powerful ministry events.

Here is the end result. With few children/youth attending camps and retreats AND few children’s/youth pastors preaching on the baptism in the Holy Spirit, we are raising up a generation that is ill-equipped to battle the principalities, powers, rulers of darkness of this world, and spiritual wickedness in high places mentioned in Ephesians 6:12. Without question, the children love Jesus but don’t have the power to live for Him.

I find that the number one reason that children’s/youth leaders fail to minister on this subject is because of fear. They don’t what to say. They don’t know how to give an altar call. This lack of knowledge leads to an insecurity and fear that creates a fear of failure. Consequently, this fear keeps the leaders from providing an opportunity to open the door for children/youth to receive God’s greatest gift for a Christian.

I want to help you to conquer this fear. This past weekend, Vickie and I celebrated our 34th anniversary of being in children’s ministry. We want to celebrate this anniversary by equipping leaders all over the globe to launch Holy Spirit-filled, hell-razing, devil-tormenting children/youth. After downloading the teaching and then implementing what you’ve learned, I ask that you send back a report on what God accomplishes as you provide the opportunity to allow Him to keep His promise (Luke 11:13; Acts 2:38-39).

Download Leading Children into the Baptism in the Holy Spirit