Let it noised throughout the land that we are a ministry that allows for the demonstration of the Holy Spirit. Why? Because it is New Testament! We expect that the Holy Spirit can and will show up in each and every service and we choose to work together with Him.

How do you work together with the Holy Spirit? First, preach the Word. In a children’s/youth service? Yes. PREACH THE WORD! Second, step out in faith and expect the Holy Spirit to back up or authenticate the Word. I guarantee that He will demonstrate His presence each and every time.

Throughout the Book of Acts we find a bold Church that preached the Word and then made room for the Holy Spirit to validate the Word. The apostles would preach the Word, lay hands upon people, and see supernatural manifestations of His presence. Consider this.

“Then Peter and John laid their hands upon these believers,
and they received the Holy Spirit.”
Acts 8:17 (New Living Translation)

VickieI challenge you to preach the Word and then expect the Holy Spirit to demonstrate His presence and power. Dare to lay hands upon the children and youth in your ministry and expect a supernatural demonstration. Remember that it was through witnessing the laying on of hands that Simon was persuaded that the gospel preached by Peter and John in Acts 8 was desirable. Preach about healing and then lay hands upon the sick and expect results. (Know that Jesus is the healer. This takes all of the pressure off of us. All that we have to do is pray and believe.) Boldly preach that God has a gift for every believer and then lay hands upon children to be baptized in the Holy Spirit. (Jesus is the baptizer. All that we have to do is lay the foundation by preaching the Word, provide the invitation, and expect a demonstration.)

Come on, join me. May your ministry be known as a Word-loving, Holy Ghost-demonstrating ministry. Your kids will never be the same!