If you have followed this blog for any length of time, you know that I rarely post blog entries about our local ministry. I do mention things in my writings about our children’s ministry at Trinity Church International in Lake Worth, Florida  to provide an illustration in a particular portion of the teaching. But, to talk about Trinity just for the sake of mentioning our local ministry, that just doesn’t happen.

24YearsBut, this is too big of a milestone to go unmentioned.  This month, Vickie and I are celebrating an accomplishment that few children’s pastors have achieved, our 24th anniversary of being the children’s pastors at the same great church working with the same great pastor. You just don’t hear of children’s pastors being at the same church for that length of time. In fact, I can probably list on one hand those reaching this milestone. Most children’s pastors are in the same church for two or three years and then they feel “led” to move on to the next church of two or three years and then they feel “led” to … well, you get the picture.

I write this with all sincerity. Vickie and I are the blessed ones at this milestone. God has been so, so good to us. He has placed us at a great church working underneath an unbelievably incredible man of God, Pastor Tom Peters. So, it’s to God be all of the glory and honor!