Vickie and I pray that in this Christmas season and the upcoming new year your life will be filled with His presence and the great joy that only He can bring! We know that the God of the supernatural has powerful plans in store in 2014 for those who will work together with His Spirit. I believe that you are one of those people. So, get ready, get ready, get ready!


Let me introduce the Burns family …
Our 6-year-old grandson Joey is standing beside his 3-year-old brother Gavin.
Behind these incredible boys are their parents Jason (our oldest son) and his beautiful wife Elisabeth.
Then, there is the incredible (and ever so modest) me! Beside me is the newest addition to the family Katrina who just married Michael (our middle son).
Next is my beautiful wife of 36 years, Vickie. Beside Vickie is Aaron (our youngest son).

(This picture was taken at Michael and Katrina’s wedding on November 9, 2013.)