This blog post is probably one of the most important words that I’ve published in my seven years of posting. It all revolves around one question. Here it is … have you encouraged someone today? I know that you’re thinking, “Really? Is that all that he has to say? Isn’t there some Holy Ghost word for the week?” Well my friend, this is as Holy Ghost as it gets!
I’m convinced that there is someone needing to hear the voice of a Holy Ghost filled person who believes in them, somebody who is coming alongside to dream with them, an individual who has the right word at the right time to help them keep on keeping on. There is someone who has rehearsed defeat, insecurities, and fear over and over again in their mind. They’ve had others speak death over their dreams and passions. But there is a someone (that’s you) who has been assigned to step up and be God’s mouthpiece and vocalize the Father’s heart.
phone-callHere’s what will happen as you pick up the telephone and begin your conversation. I believe that you will see a reenactment of Acts 3. When you open your mouth, I believe that you will have a “such as I have give I thee” word for that particular moment. It’s not a sermon but rather a voice from someone who actually cares and believes in them. As you  listen, love, and share, that Holy Ghost deposited word will bring life and restoration to a crippled, damaged dream. Your encouragement will remind them of the size of their God and His abilities. Hearing your voice will remind them that two can put ten thousand to flight (Deuteronomy 32:30) and you are that second person to walk alongside of them in faith.
If I’ve ever shared a Holy Ghost thought, you’re seeing it right now. There is power in your words. The friendship and love shown through your phone call is as Holy Ghost orchestrated and miraculous as seeing someone come out of a wheelchair or jump up from a death bed. I know from experience. I’ve been on the receiving side of some of these phone calls. There have been times that someone called at just the right time and gave me a word of encouragement. They had no idea of the timeliness of their phone call. After the conversation, I had what I needed to continue the journey.
Come on, invest a few minutes into someone’s life. Stop what you are doing right now, pick up your phone, and be God’s voice. Someone is counting on you. In fact, there are a lot of someones counting on you. Destinies are awaiting your Holy Ghost directed voice. Now pick up the phone and start shaping someone’s future.