I know that after reading the next sentence some of you will be persuaded that I have totally lost my mind, but I’ll share it anyways. Here goes … I believe that one of, if not the most important, powerful ministries in any church is the nursery ministry. I know that you have your mind racing trying to be one step ahead of me. Some of you are thinking, yes it is because it removes the baby’s noise and restlessness from the main auditorium so that adults can worship without distractions. Well, that might be 10% of the reason. Others might be thinking that I made this statement because the nursery allows the baby’s parents to give their full attention to the adult service. Again, that might 10% of the reason.
???????????????????????????????I know that you might be puzzled. Why would I make such a statement? What is so important about childcare? That is where the confusion lies. You’re looking at this totally wrong. While childcare is a part of the what transpires in the nursery, the ultimate reason for having a nursery for newborns, toddlers, and infants is because it IS ministry.
I know that I have your brain spinning again. Ministry to a 6-month old? Yes. And, in my opinion, it can be just as important or even more important than the ministry coming from the pulpit in the adult service. Why?  Babies ARE spirit beings, capable of receiving blessings and curses. Their spirit is just as capable of being touched by the Holy Spirit as the spirit of a 6-year-old or 16-year-old or 36-year-old. 
Why do you need a nursery? Because it can be SUPERNATURAL! Sadly, many babies sensed rejection from their mother during the pregnancy. In their mother’s womb, many babies had curses and negative words spoken over them like, “I wish that I had never gotten pregnant” or “This baby is unwanted” or “I can never love this baby”. The child’s spirit absorbed these comments. And, even after birth, many continue to hear negative and even hateful statements that sets the course of their life. But, a Holy Ghost nursery can supernaturally be a life-giving, spirit-changing ministry. From the earliest time of a child’s life, the Word of God that is quick and powerful and sharper than any two-edged sword is penetrating into a baby’s spirit and nullifying the attack of the enemy. There are no wasted years. The child doesn’t have to wait until they are in an elementary children’s church or a youth service or an adult service to hear a strong-hold liberating message. Their life is put back on course in each and every service as the anointed nursery worker works together with Holy Spirit.
ConfessionsHow can a Holy Ghost nursery minister to these babies? Let me answer by giving an example of what happens in our His Little Lambs Ministry at Trinity Church International. In each service, the children are individually prayed over. If James 5:16 is true (and it is), when a righteous nursery teacher earnestly prays over a child, that prayer “has great power and wonderful results”. (New Living Translation). Then, our workers speak a biblical blessing over the babies. You can see in the accompanying picture, we have the blessings posted on signs that encircle the nursery. In each service, the nursery’s master teacher holds each child in their arms and speaks a reality from God’s Word over that baby. Can you see how powerful this can be?
Let me encourage you to change your nursery from being a place for childcare into a place where the Holy Ghost can minister. I guarantee that destinies will be shaped from the fervent prayer and the spoken Word. Then, you will join with me in declaring that your nursery is one of, if not the most important, powerful ministries in your church.
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