I love the statement made by Peter on the Day of Pentecost. He said, “This is that which was spoken by the prophet Joel.” (Acts 2:16) According to the dictionary, the word “this” is a determining word used to specify and identify. In using the word “this”, Peter was  eliminating any and all confusion and uncertainty. THIS is that.

You’ve heard of “yes” people. I’m launching a new movement of “this” people, children’s/youth ministry leaders who will join Peter and make use of the powerful “this.” These “this” people are unwavering determiners. There are no question marks plastered across their minds and hearts.

Are you a “this” person? If so, there are some determining words that need to come from your heart and mouth that specify and identify. So, open your mouth and erase all uncertainty by declaring these THIS statements:

1. THIS is the generation that will see the fulfillment of Joel’s prophecy found in Joel 2:28.

2. THIS outpouring of God’s Spirit will begin in my ministry.

I’ve reserved the final determining words for those who aren’t faint at heart. I’m talking about people who will swing over hell on a cornstalk and spit in the devil’s eye. Ready?

3. THIS outpouring will begin THIS week.

Join us. You don’t have to fear that you are being presumptuous. Like Peter, you are merely acknowledging Joel’s prophecy and identifying and defining the who, where, and when of this outpouring. Come on. Speak up. Boldly speak up. Boldly and confidently speak up. Heaven is listening and responding. Hell is trembling at these words.