Can I let you in on a personal secret? I’ll tell you the secret only if you promise that you will not keep it a secret and will tell everyone that you know. Here it is … even if I HATED kids (which, believe me, I don’t) I would still want to be a vital, faithful part of the children’s ministry in a local church. No, you don’t have to reread that last sentence to see if you really read what I wrote. You read it correctly. I’d literally put up a fight to be a part of a children’s ministry. It would take some big, over-sized, whamma-jamma men to keep me out. And here’s why …

I believe in the law of sowing and reaping found in Galatians 6. Let me share it with you.

“Do not be fooled: You cannot cheat God. People harvest only what they plant. “
Galatians 6:7 (New Century Version)

CMFor 35 years, Vickie and I have sowed into the lives of literally hundreds of thousands of kids. Believe me when I write that those numbers aren’t an exaggeration. We have loved on, prayed for, cried with, hugged on, laughed with, counseled, corrected, encouraged, and a host of other actions with other people’s children and grandchildren. And, because of God carefully watching over His law of sowing and reaping, He has caused people to love on, pray for, cry with, hug on, … our children and grandchildren. Our kids and grand kids are reaping a BOUNTIFUL harvest because of our faithful, continual planting into the lives of other people’s children.

So, why do I minister in children’s ministry? I’ll admit it. I’m being selfish. Vickie and I absolutely LOVE ministering to the children (yes, after 35 years, we still love it) AND we LOVE the reality that the law of sowing and reaping is daily at work!

One more thought …. for those reading this blog whose children and/or grandchildren aren’t serving God today, after reading this blog take a minute to remind God that according to Numbers 23:19 He is a God who cannot lie. According to Galatians 6:7, He’s made a promise and that you expect to reap a BOUNTIFUL harvest of what you plant and then intensify your service to the children of your local church. To quote T.D. Jakes, “get ready, get ready, get ready” to see God send and use others to bring about your desired harvest.