You would think that after being in children’s ministries for 35 years that I would have all of the answers. Honestly, I don’t. Here are some random thoughts that I occasionally ponder …
parents* As the parents pick up their child after my service, why isn’t their first question to the child, “What did the Holy Spirit tell you today?” Isn’t this what children’s “ministry” is all about? I have yet to find a church that calls their Sunday children’s corporate gathering “Children’s Fun House” or “Fun Zone”. No!!! It is MINISTRY!
* Why do parents allow their child to miss a weekend service or a mid-week Bible club because of a conflict with a baseball/basketball/soccer/volleyball practice or game? Reality check.When life’s pressures are overwhelming, it won’t be the “teamwork makes the dream work” learned from a sport’s practice or game that will keep their child from succumbing to the pressures. Sports versus an opportunity to hear from God? It’s a no-brainer. Giving a child an opportunity to hear from God is a PRIORITY.
* Why don’t parents instill the priority and importance of giving into their child’s value system? I guess that I know the answer. It is probably not a part of the parent’s DNA.
* Why aren’t parents actively engaged in the ministries that impact their child’s life? You would think that parents would be begging to be involved as a nursery leader or Sunday school teacher or children’s church helper or mid-week Bible club leader. More parents seem to be concerned about peanut bi-products being in the child’s snack then what is going into their child’s spirit. Enough said.
That’s enough ponderables for this week.