Many years ago, I came across a children’s ministry leader who evidently loved the word “little”. In describing the different aspects or events of their ministry, they would always say that coming up next in their service would be a “little” puppet show or the kids are about to do a “little” skit or … well, you get the idea. Everything was little. After an overabundance of “littles”, I did something that I rarely do, I gave some unsolicited advice. I pointed out that the word “little” should never be used in or about their ministry because it minimized both the activity and the intended results. Evidently, they took my counsel. Today, they are some of the most prominent children’s ministry leaders in their part of the country and are doing a great job for the Kingdom.

There are many involved in children’s ministry and perhaps even youth ministry that have succumbed to the “little” mentality.  While they are unlike the person that I’ve just described in vocalizing aloud their mentality, they communicate through their actions and choice of ministry subject matter that little can be accomplished in their ministry because, after all, they are just ministering to little kids and young teenagers. Little can only produce little, right? It’s as though they have bought into the mentality that there is a little Holy Ghost for children and youth and a big Holy Ghost for adults. And,their mentality dictates that a little Holy Ghost can only do little things in little people.

I want to challenge you to eliminate the word “little” from your vocabulary and actions. There is no room for “little” mentality. Consider this verse …

“The people that do know their God shall be strong, and do exploits. “
Daniel 11:32

Let me share from my years of Bible College and time in the Word. In studying the word “people” in both the Hebrew and Greek languages and my in-depth knowledge of hermeneutics, I’ve discovered that you don’t become a “people” at the age of 21 or whatever age that you consider adulthood. Listen, a 4-year-old is as much of a “people” as a 40-year-old. The 4-year-old who knows their God can do great things! The 13-year-old who knows their God can do things that will make an eternal impact for the Kingdom!Fits All

Let’s eliminate “little” mentality. Let’s make it known through both our teaching and actions that the one-size-fits-all Holy Ghost lives on the inside of ALL of the people in your ministry and wants to do humongously big things in them and through them. As you’ve heard me say so many times, TODAY is the day of the Holy Ghost. Let me expand it by saying that TODAY is the day of the BIG Holy Ghost who wants to do BIG things through all of the PEOPLE who know their God. Today is that day.