It’s time for a true confession. Though I try and try to keep the blog post to approximately 300 to 400 words, admittedly, I often fail miserably. There is just so much that I want to share with you personally and your ministry about the Person and work of the Holy Spirit. I recognize the average adult reads 250 – 300 words per minute and that your time is precious and so I honestly try my very best to value your precious time.

This week, I’ll accomplish my goal by taking seriously the words of Franklin D. Roosevelt “Be sincere, Be brief, Be seated”. So, here goes. Read the following quote and then ask the Holy Spirit to amplify and personalize His message in your spirit and ministry. Holy Spirit … take the remaining 140 to 240 words.

“The baptism of the Spirit will do for you what a phone booth
did for Clark Kent – it will change you into a different being.”
Rod Parsley