Over the years, I’ve been privileged to travel and see some of the wonders and sites of the world. Among the many places that my family visited when I was a child, I remember the beauty of the Grand Canyon, the uniqueness of the Petrified Forest, the majesty of the Redwood Forest, and the power displayed at Hoover Dam. During our almost 36 years of ministry, Vickie and I have been able to visit and experience the beauty of Austria, England, Scotland, Wales, the Netherlands, France, Italy, Romania, Israel, Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, Jamaica, Trinidad, Guyana, Colombia, Mexico, Belize, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Kenya, Burundi, and Mali. Because of this blog’s international readership, I’m wise enough to not list a few examples of places that stand out in my memory. I know that I’d probably offend people from other countries where for space reasons I didn’t mention an example from their country.

Here is one thing that I can say without fear of repercussion, I do have wonderful experiences and stories to tell about each and every one of these nations. But, without having first visited a country and personally experiencing its sites and wonders, I could never tell stories and share details about the beauty of a city or the grandeur of a cathedral or the marvel of a castle or the incredible sweetness of the people or the tickling of my taste buds as I tried a food unique to that country. To this day, my eyes light up and a passion fills my voice as I tell story after story about places that we’ve visited and the people who endeared themselves to us. These stories would easily cause the listener to want to pull out their passport and join us on a trip to that city and country. Why? Because I’m not telling a hearsay story. It’s not something that I’ve read about or seen on a National Geographic television program. I know that I know what I’m talking about because I’ve been there, done that, and bought the t-shirt!

This morning, I sensed the Holy Spirit speaking to me personally reminding me that there are places in the heavenlies that I have yet to visit, experiences I have yet to enjoy, and stories that have yet to be created. There are places in worship that have yet to be explored, secret places in prayer that are waiting for my visitation, and a freedom brought about by losing myself in the Spirit that is beckoning my presence. God isn’t withholding these sites and experiences from me. It’s just a matter of me pulling out my spiritual passport and allowing the Holy Spirit to take me on these adventures. The Holy Spirit also reminded me that people are waiting on me to experience these heavenly places so that I can accurately tell the stories and cause them to want to make the journey with me.

heavenliesWhat I sensed the Holy Spirit telling me could also be said to you. He has places in the heavenlies that are waiting for you. The Holy Spirit has your “been there, done that, come and go with me” t-shirt waiting on your entrance to these heavenly wonders. After your journey, your stories (testimonies) will have those entrusted to your ministry lined up and ready to join you on a return visit.

Come on tour guide, lose yourself in His presence. Explore the heavenlies. Experience the wonders. Go where few have gone before and bring back the reports. A generation of children and youth are counting on you. Go make it happen.