While reading The Complete Smith Wigglesworth on my iPad recently, I came across a quote that could so excite you that it’d cause you to swing over hell on a cornstalk and spit in the devil’s face. Here’s the quote …

“In me is working a power stronger than any other power;
Christ, the power of God, formed within me. I can see why
we need to be clothed upon from above, for the life that is
in me is a thousand times bigger than I am outside.”

powerOur peanut-size brain can’t ever begin to comprehend the vast power residing within a Spirit-filled believer.  It’s evident that our enemy fully comprehends this power and has tried for centuries to blind the Church of the power that comes upon the born-again, Spirit-filled believer. (Luke 24:49). I am fully aware that Satan isn’t intimidated or frightened by you in your own power or strength.  But, being clothed with power from on high is the game changer. Wigglesworth was right on target because of this power that raised Christ from the dead (Romans 8:11) causes Satan to see a thousand you’s ministering.

Go ahead and intimidate the enemy. Walk in the fullness of the Spirit. Minister in the anointing. Allow that power that is residing in your spirit to be released in you and through you. Go make it happen!