calendarCan you believe that 2015 is just days away from being history? What happened to the year?

I’m thankful for this past year and God’s leadership, guidance, and provision. He literally outdid Himself for us. But, 2015 is coming to a close and I have already set my eyes on the upcoming 2016. I have purposed in this upcoming year to have the resolve and tenacity of Jacob. You’ll recall that it was Jacob who literally grabbed ahold of the messenger of the Lord and declared, “I will not let you go until …” (Genesis 32:26) For Jacob, he was unrelentingly holding onto the Lord waiting for a blessing.

You have heard me say in our Ignite the Supernatural Conferences and read umpteen million times in my weekly blog postings and our monthly email newsletter, “TODAY is the day of the Holy Ghost.” I am unyieldingly and unwaveringly determined to have a tenacious hold on the word TODAY and see in 2016 a TODAY Holy Ghost being visible and active all across our land. And, like Jacob of old, I’m not letting go until I get what I so passionately desire, His presence and power is seen in your children and church and city and state. TODAY is His day.

One more thing about this resolve. In Genesis 32:28, we see that Jacob got what he wanted. He prevailed!!! I prophesy that the same will be said of the 2016 Jacobs. God heard and answered.

Are you a 2016 Jacob? If so, send me a brief email and make your bold tenacity known. [email protected]