Just when I thought that people couldn’t put their ignorance on display in a greater way, they continue to prove me wrong. It’s as though some people have been hit with the stupid stick and gone back for a second whack! That is my thought as I’ve been reading through some commentaries on the Book of Acts in regards to God’s miracle working power. It is evident that many today believe that God has either run out of miraculous power or relegated it just to the early days of the Church.

41Qy75s6kML._AA160_I’m thankful that not  everyone has been whacked by that stick. In reading the book The Phenomena of Pentecost, I saw this powerful statement written by George Jeffreys. (You might want to invest some time and Google to learn more about this incredible man.)

“If the supernatural was in evidence during the dispensation
of the Father,
and again in the dispensation of the Son, what reason
is there 
to suppose that miracles were to cease during
the dispensation of the Holy Ghost?”

I recognize that churches all across our land announce from their pulpits that the days of miracles have ceased. And, they will get what they believe! I on the other hand believe that the Holy Ghost is still in the miracle working business. It’s a day of signs and wonders and miracles. And, I too will get what I believe.

Nursery volunteer … Sunday school teacher … children’s church worker … student ministries leader … mid-week Bible club worker … what do you believe? Is it really still the dispensation of the Holy Ghost? Do you believe it enough that you will take bold steps of faith and put God’s Word to the test to see if the Holy Ghost is still in the miracle working business? I do and I am and will continue to get what I believe.