Most of my blog posts are such a challenge to compose. My passion for the person and work of the Holy Spirit is so enormous that I battle trying to keep the word count to being something that could be read in two to three minutes. With the average person reading 250 to 300 words per minute, I struggle keeping my passion constrained to a word count that won’t overwhelm the reader. Because of the likes of Twitter, the days of individuals sitting down with a book or magazine are  long gone. (I’m even struggling now because I’m using word count to explain why I struggle.) Fortunately, there are those rare times that I find something that is “packaged” in a sentence or two and I don’t need to be write paragraph after paragraph to enlarge upon the thought. And, today is one of those times.

NelsonI’ve been reading a treasure written back in 1942, P.C. Nelson’s book The Baptism in the Holy Spirit: The Doctrine, The Experience, The Evidence. Here’s a thought that is so self-explanatory that I won’t have to enlarge on the thought. Allow the Holy Spirit to make this come alive in you.

“If the holy Son of God needed the anointing of the Spirit for His ministry,
what supreme folly to imagine that we can dispense with it!”