question marksHere are a few random questions to ponder. What if …

  • Instead of posting notices at their building entrances telling of video surveillance, churches would post notices telling that the Holy Ghost that knew the actions of Ananias and Sapphira (Acts 5) is doing surveillance?
  • Instead of posting “Traditional Service” and “Contemporary Service” on the marquees, churches would post “100%, Unrestrained, You-Never-Know-What’s-Happening-Next Holy Ghost Service”?
  • Instead of impatiently racing to pick up their children after the “real” church is over, parents joined in on the children’s altar service to “seal the deal” as a family?
  • Instead of asking the question, “Did you have fun today?” as they pick up their child from Sunday school or children’s church, parents would ask “What did Jesus tell you today?”
  • Instead of placing coffee bars in the foyer, churches would place altars for people to consecrate and prepare for a move of God’s Spirit before entering into the service?

Too radical? Possibly for some. Too dated? I’ll let you decide. Better yet, if you dare, share this with your pastor and together discuss these questions. What if ….