I recently read about a man that was standing in his restroom about to step upon the bathroom scales when his wife walked in on him. The story told that as he stepped onto the scales, the man inhaled a gigantic mouthful of air and held his breath. This confused his watching wife and caused her to ask, “Honey, why did you inhale? You know that inhaling won’t make you weigh any less.” To that he replied, “I know that. I didn’t inhale to try to reduce my weight. I inhaled so that I could suck in my stomach so that I could see the numbers on the scales and know just how much that I weigh.”

Blind-SpotsPlease forgive the joke. (Although you know that you loved it and will tell it at work tomorrow.) I told this joke to remind about something that you already know. The truth is, we all have trouble being able to accurately see everything that we need to see. Life is full of things that obstructs our view. And, in many cases, an obstructed view can cause great harm and even be disastrous.

Thank God for the Holy Spirit. Yesterday while reading Acts 20:23, I was reminded of the fact that the Holy Spirit sees everything in our present situation and what lies ahead. And, not only does He see everything from every angle and viewpoint, the Holy Spirit will tell us of these things and also the things yet to come. (John 16:13). This makes it all the more needful for us to be in tune with the Holy Spirit!

Need insight or clarity about what is going on in your life? Need wisdom and guidance about the future? The same Holy Spirit who spoke to the Apostle Paul is waiting to talk to you. Turn off your computer and begin the dialogue with Him. You’ll be amazed at what He will tell you.