I have discovered a deep rooted issue in my life … I am a fickle man. When it comes to certain opinions, I find myself changing my mind on subjects that I once thought were absolute. For example, when Vickie cooks her infamous chicken fried steak, I am quick to say that this meal is my all-time favorite meal that she cooks. Then, a few days later, when she cooks her incredible pot roast with potatoes and carrots, the chicken fried steak becomes an ancient memory and now the pot roast is my all-time favorite meal. And, when she cooks her … well, the list could go on and on. I Romans 8_26have discovered that I am also fickle (or, to be kinder to myself, able to allow myself the freedom to change my mind) about music. A few minutes ago while driving, I began to play music by my all-time favorite artist Andraé Crouch (this is subject to change). When the song “Through It All” was playing, it was my all-time favorite Andraé song … that is until a few minutes later the song “If Heaven Was Never Promised to Me” began to play … that is until “My Tribute” came on … until … I’m so fickle.

The same can be said about my relationship with the Holy Spirit. While I am absolutely not fickle about my love for Him, I have to admit that I am fickle about the #1 reason why I desperately need Him in my life. For example, I have changed my mind three times while just reading Romans 8:26.

I started out with being head-over-heels in love with Him and thankful for the fact that He helps me in my weaknesses and inadequacies (KJV infirmities). But then, I wavered and said that the #1 reason is because He helps me when I don’t know how to pray as I ought (which is real common). Wait, I changed my mind one more time and said that the #1 reason was because the Holy Spirit isn’t a delegater  but instead personally intercedes through me with the language of heaven. All of this from just one verse.

I apologize for using you today as a support group. I know that it’s my turn to stand up in this support group and say, “My name is Billy and I am fickle.” You should now respond, “Hello Billy. Yes, you are fickle.” Wow, I feel better just admitting this problem. Thank you for your time.