infiniti-window-stickerWhen searching to purchase a new vehicle, the potential buyer is wise to study the window sticker which details both the standard features and optional features found on that particular vehicle. For example, the standard features would include items needed to make the car functional like the tires, windshield wipers, air bags, etc. Then, in a different column, there is the list of optional or luxury items included with the vehicle like leather trimmed bucket seats, dual control air conditioning, satellite radio, navigation system technology, etc. These items are considered to be luxury items because the car would be both drivable and functional without the features. These extra items were added for the driver’s comfort and convenience.

In reading the “window sticker” found on many of today’s believers, the baptism in the Holy Spirit is evidently considered to be an optional, add-on feature not needed or included in their Christian “package”. In churches all across our land, we find many Jesus-loving believers who have yet to receive this gift from our heavenly Father.

From a scriptural position, should this be an option? Is it really necessary for believers to be baptized in the Holy Spirit? Consider the words of one my favorite Pentecostal heroes, P.C. Nelson, found in a treasure written back in 1942, The Baptism in the Holy Spirit: The Doctrine, The Experience, The Evidence.

“Jesus did not put the baptism in the list of luxuries
but made it a necessity when He commanded
His disciples to tarry until endued with power
from on high. Luke 24:49”
~ P.C. Nelson

Why is this baptism a necessity?

“The baptism in the Spirit is God’s answer
to the believer’s need of knowledge, understanding,
courage, zeal, endurance and patience under trial,
and victory over all circumstances.” 
~ P.C. Nelson

Pastors, Sunday school teachers, children’s/student ministry leaders, let’s provide every possible opportunity to make sure that the “standard features” window sticker found in the life of today’s believer includes being endued with power from on high, the baptism in the Holy Spirit. Remember, it is a necessity and not an option!