I will tell you up front that this blog post comes with a warning. If you are reading this while sitting amongst a group of people, please close this post and come back to it when you won’t embarrass yourself because of excessive emotionalism. If your spirit is even remotely sensitive to the Holy Spirit, the following quote will cause what old time Pentecostals called a Holy Ghost runaway causing you to leap to your feet and display your joy and excitement. Now that  you’ve been warned, read this quote from one of my heroes, George Jeffreys. (For those not familiar with Jefferys, this Welch  minister was mightily used of God in the healing Jeffreysministry and founded the great Elim Pentecostal Church.) Read at your own risk …

“We all know that promised blessings are not always realized. Many a promise given
during the excitement of an election campaign is like the proverbial pie crust,
made to be broken. But here, in the religious atmosphere of the Jewish synagogue,
the program outlined by the Lord of the Sabbath day was afterwards carried
into grand effect. He not only promised, He performed: He not only
declared His policy, He demonstrated its power.”

George Jeffreys – The Phenomena of Pentecost

Here is what I love. Jesus, the One that promised and performed, is still making good and demonstrating His power through the Holy Spirit today. How do I know this? Because “Jesus Christ the same yesterday, and to day, and for ever.” (Hebrews 13:8). If He demonstrated His power and delivered His declared policy in the gospels, He is still in the demonstrating and delivering business today.

Okay. Go ahead and admit that I was right. This is shouting material. So, close the blog and begin to react to this powerful quote. It’s time to shout and dance and demonstrate your excitement. Jesus is still in the miracle working business … TODAY!