Moves of God’s Spirit don’t just happen. They come when people make room for the supernatural. Below are simple steps that will help usher in a move of God’s Spirit:

  1. Kids MinisteringKnow the Holy Spirit, not just know about Him. He will never be real through you until He is real to you.
  2. The children/youth will never go where you have never been. God has called you to be a tour guide, not a travel agent. You have to learn the joy of traveling in the realm of the Spirit before you can lead your children/youth into this realm.
  3. Boldly and consistently declare who you are and where you are going. We aren’t the I’ve Got a Secret game show. Make it known that you are unashamedly, undeniably a Holy Spirit church and that you expect Him to demonstrate that He is present.
  4. Make room in the services for God’s Spirit. Too often, we have so much planned that we “have” to do leaving no room for His promptings and leadership.
  5. Don’t just talk about what God has done in the past; our kids need to see a TODAY Holy Spirit. Seeing is believing. Demonstrate the supernatural. Anticipate and allow the gifts of the Spirit to operate. Expect to see the Holy Spirit show that He is in the service.
  6. Lastly, remember that what you see right now isn’t the final report. Initial changes might seem small and insignificant. Keep on keeping on. Get ready cause there’s a mighty move on its way!