Honest confession time … I’ll tell you up front that 78.7% of this blog’s readership is far more intelligent than I am. (You do know that 84.9% of all statistics are fabricated, don’t you? … just a joke, folks!) While I was so bright as a child that my mother called me son (if you think long and hard enough, you’ll understand that joke), there is still so much that I don’t know and am trying to learn. So, when I learn something new or I finally understand something about which I’ve been confused, my brain kicks into “party mode” and it’s suddenly a time for celebrating! So, before you read the next paragraph, put on your party hat, pull out the noisemakers, and put on the dancing music because I want to share my new revelation. Go ahead and chant, “Party! Party! Party!”

Attachment-1Here is the revelation. Did you know that the Book of Acts is often referred to as the Gospel of the Holy Spirit? Let me see the hands of those that already knew this. I know that your hand is probably raised and I’m showing my ignorance. I honestly didn’t know this. I recently discovered this revelation in William Barclay’s The Acts of the Apostles (The New Daily Study Bible) and then began to research this statement to substantiate its claim. I found this to be verified over and over again. All of a sudden, it became time to celebrate. (Party! Party! Party!)

What is the significance of this discovery? First of all, it reminds us that this book truly is a gospel (Greek … euangelion – good news).  Second,  far more than in any other gospel, we see the good news of the work of the Holy Spirit on display. Page after page after page showcases the Holy Spirit in action demonstrating God’s presence and power. Third, this revelation brings the Holy Spirit into the now! Knowing that the Holy Spirit hasn’t changed one iota during the last 2,000 years and neither has His relationship with Jesus’ followers (believers), we are reminded that every present-day believer has the potential to insert their name into this ongoing gospel. While the ink may have dried in the writing and publishing of the Acts of the Apostles found in our present-day Bible, the Gospel (Good News) of the Holy Spirit is STILL being written in heaven’s edition. At this very minute, heaven is adding page after page after page after page (should I continue?) to the Gospel of the Holy Spirit and recording what the He is doing in and through today’s believers.

I’ll quit typing so that I can continue to party, party, party and you can get busy demonstrating the Gospel of the Holy Spirit and create new entries in heaven’s up-to-date edition.