Confession time … I am notorious for going to the grocery store to pick up two or three items and wind up returning home with three or four grocery sacks containing everything but the items on my list. Now, don’t go and shake your head and roll your eyes at me. I am confident that you have done the same thing far more times than you will want to admit to. How does this happen? To use a phrase that my Grandma Burns used to say, “My brain leaks.” In other words, we need so help with our memory.

Head-earThis week, I want to remind you about something that you already know to be true. Here it is … the Holy Spirit is in the communicating business. We see this throughout the book of Acts. In fact, while reading through the book of Acts several months ago, I listed every time that He communicated. Here is the list of the thirteen distinct instances that Luke records the Holy Spirit speaking or making His thoughts and desires known …

Acts 1:16; 8:29; 10:19; 11:12; 11:28; 13:2; 15:28; 16:6; 16:7; 20:23; 21:4; 21:11; 28:25

And, here is the part that excites me as I read through these verses. The Holy Spirit hasn’t changed one iota since book of Acts days. He is still communicating and expressing His thoughts and desires … to those with listening ears.

I’ve purposefully made this blog post to be a very quick read. All that I ask you to do now is to remedy your leaking brain by tying a piece of twine around your finger so that every time that you look at the twine you will be reminded of the fact that the Holy Spirit wants to talk to you and then secondly close out this blog post, put your hands upon your ears as a symbolic act and then tell the Holy Spirit that you have ears to hear Him speak and then allow time for Him to speak. Then, get ready for a right now word that will forever change your destiny.