I have come to this resolve … there is no excuse for me to walk through this life with less than what has been provided for me. I don’t want to arrive in heaven and gasp as I cry out, “Oh no, you mean that I could have had that or done that too?” In heaven, I don’t want to look back at my life and see all that I could have done for the Kingdom and yet failed.

BosworthIn his book Christ the Healer, F.F. Bosworth gives the answer for avoiding this tragedy.

“The failure of the Christians to live and walk in the Spirit,
limits the Holy One of Israel; because our being filled
with the Spirit is the condition for His perfect working.”    
~ F.F. Bosworth

I call Bosworth’s comment the “No Gasp Policy”. I’m convinced that learning this revelation will cause us to live and walk with the Sent One promised in John 14:12, 16 and John 16:7 and this will remove the future “oh no” from our vocabulary . Through the advantage of this continual relationship, the greater works can and will be accomplished, restrictions will fall to the wayside as we receive the ability to push beyond natural limitations, and our “oh no” will be replaced with an “oh yes” as we hear God say, “Well done.”

Can I sign you up for the “No Gasp Policy”? Begin today to live and walk in the Spirit and enjoy all of its benefits. There will be no regrets!