The Holy Spirit constantly finds a way to amaze me. I was baptized in the Holy Spirit when I was just 10-years-old in a Royal Rangers meeting and here it is ** years later (I’ll leave it to your imagination just how old that I am) and He is still revealing things about His personality and desires that I have never seen before. For example, early this morning I was awakened with Him talking to me and giving me an illustration that made me all the more thankful that I have a relationship with Him.

Here is what He showed me. One of the Holy Spirit’s many assignments and unofficial titles is the Prayer Elevator Operator. In His speaking to me, He showed me that there are different levels (floors) of prayer. For example, we start on the Ground Floor, also known as the Perfunctory Prayer Floor. You know what I’m talking about. This type of prayer is when you mindlessly rattle off a bunch of religious words that you feel obligated to say … the prayer over your meal, the prayer at an early morning prayer meeting that you have to attend, etc. We have all prayed this type of prayer, right? The Prayer Elevator Operator showed me that as the Prayer Elevator moves up a few floors, we arrive at the Limited Knowledge Floor. Again, we’ve been to this floor many times. On this level, we say words like, “God, you know what is needed” or “God, you bless them right now” because we are clueless about what is needed. Then, we can get back on the Prayer Elevator and move up a few more floors until we arrive at the Biased Prayer Floor. It is on this floor that we pray with our prejudices and quirks. Perhaps you have heard that there are three sides to every story … your side, my side, and then the truth. Too many times, we have heard only one side of an issue or problem which makes us want to call down fire from heaven on a person or situation. With these biases, we can totally miss out on what God wants to do. Have you been on this floor before? The final floor that the Prayer Elevator Operator showed me this morning is the Perfect Prayer Floor. It is on this floor that we as believers bypass our mind (understanding) and allow our spirit to connect with the Holy Spirit. As we pray in other tongues and at times groanings, we begin to present the perfect will of God to heaven’s throne and things start happening. (Romans 8:26-27)

What I’ve shared isn’t original with me. The Holy Spirit gave this to me. So, please, please, please share this with as many believers as possible. It will revolutionize their prayer life as they allow the Prayer Elevator Operator to transport them to a whole new realm of powerful, effective praying.