Here is a good, practical way to allow God’s Word to grow in your spirit.

I find that for myself, my greatest revelation from the Scriptures comes as I read a particular verse from several translations. I am blessed in the fact that over the years, I have accumulated many, many translations including several that aren’t available online through sites like Gateway Bible and Bible Hub. As I read the translations, revelation comes as the difference in the wording provides a slightly distinct insight. And, here’s the part that has caused my spirit to grow, so that I won’t lose or forget that revelation, not too long ago, I began to enter those key translations onto an Excel spreadsheet so that I could mediate on these verses throughout my day. I created different spreadsheets for different topics, i.e., healing, Holy Spirit, worship, etc. Then, I placed these spreadsheets onto a platform that could be read on my PC, iPad, and iPhone allowing the verses and translations to be read at any place or time. As I updated the file on my PC, it would automatically update the other devices.

Here is an example from my file on the Baptism in the Holy Spirit:

So, now as I pray throughout the day, I can pull up this verse on my device and remind myself that as I am praying in the Spirit, I am being edified, improving myself, building up my spirit man, being encouraged … Can you see how this would cause spiritual growth?

I pray that this suggestion will be a blessing to you.