Here is a simple and yet powerful observation. When the supernatural presence and power of the Holy Spirit is continually seen and experienced in a public worship gathering, it creates in the believer an expectancy for the same to be seen and experienced continually in their day-to-day lifestyle outside of a public worship gathering. In other words, the norm inside of the church will become the norm for outside of the church. The flip side to this statement is what is never or rarely seen in a public gathering, in all probability, will never be seen outside of the church building.

I am so passionate about this. I want it to be the norm for born-again, Jesus-loving, Spirit-filled believers to daily experience a passionate worship that comes through praying and worshiping God in other tongues. I want believers to expect Book of Acts results at their workplace or while they shop at Walmart or visit in a neighbor’s home or eat their meal during a school lunch break. But, it will only be the norm outside of the church if they continually see this as the norm in the worship gatherings.

The word continually is the key wordAll too often, the Holy Spirit’s unrestrained freedom is relegated to a once-a-year unique service when a “specialist” (evangelist) ministers and then afterwards, the Holy Spirit ministry is either drastically toned down or shelved until the next annual visit of the “specialist”. It can’t be an annual event. We must continually put the Holy Spirit on display and make it the norm for the children, youth, and adults to participate in His activity.

What will be the results of the continually? People encountering God through their prayer language in your services will produce people who enjoy its benefits throughout the week. Boldly laying hands upon the sick and expecting signs following in a service will produce people doing the same in their school classrooms, workplaces, and neighborhoods. It will be incredible to see people obeying the unction in their spirit to utter Spirit-inspired words (a Word of Knowledge and/or a Word of Wisdom) at the right time to the right person day after day. And, can you image the testimonies as the children, youth, and adults dare to believe God for the impossible as the opportunity arises?

The world is desperately waiting on what the Church has to offer. Through our Spirit empowered, led, and experienced services, let’s make the Book of Acts norm the 24/7/365 norm so that the world can be changed!