Here’s a confession … I love having the opportunity to minister in our Holy Spirit Rallies. It is my greatest joy to preach about the Father’s desire to give the Holy Spirit to all who ask and then see the altars filled with individuals wanting to be baptized in the Holy Spirit. The one thing that I struggle with about our Holy Spirit Rallies is the reality that for many of those who respond to the altar call and are Spirit-baptized, they will turn what was intended to be the beginning of a new intimate relationship with the Holy Spirit into an experience that they can write into their diary. Because of a lack of teaching, these individuals lose out on the benefits that come with a daily infilling and refreshing of the Holy Spirit. Consequently, they return back to their natural way of living. I believe that Smith Wigglesworth said it best with this statement …

“Our only safeguard from dropping back into our natural mind from
which we can never get anything, is to be filled and yet filled again
with the Spirit of God and to be taken on to visions and revelations
on a new line. The reason why I emphasize the importance of the
fullness of the Holy Ghost is that I want to get you beyond all
human plans and thoughts into the fullness of vision, into the
full revelation of the Lord Jesus Christ.”
~ Smith Wigglesworth “Ever Increasing Faith”

What a powerful statement. Wigglesworth is telling us that this ongoing daily relationship with the Holy Spirit transforms us from a natural way of living into a supernatural realm that sees and receives the things of the Spirit. He is encouraging us to reap the benefits that come as we implement what the literal Greek translation of Paul’s letter to the saints at Ephesus says … “Be filled and filled again and filled again with the Spirit” (Ephesians 5:18).

Let’s heed Wigglesworth’s counsel. Close this blog, turn off the computer, and begin right now with what hopefully will become a daily discipline of asking the Father for a fresh infilling of His precious Holy Spirit. Don’t just read this blog. Do it so that beginning today the carnal mind will be held in check as we open the door into the supernatural.