When Vickie and I left our position of being children’s pastors some 3 1/2 years ago to travel full time and conduct our Ignite & Unite Conferences and Holy Spirit Rallies, a part of God’s directive was for us to be a part of ushering in a move of God’s Spirit in children and children’s ministry. Recognizing that many in children’s ministry have no idea on how to see this manifest, Vickie and I have been called to launch a revolution to change the way that things are done.

Two weeks ago, I began a series of blog posts addressing how to bring about the needed changes. This week, we want to look at …
I stated last week that many children’s ministries today have chosen to teach any and every curriculum that can be easily purchased, downloaded, printed, segments assigned, and effortlessly taught. The content is generally good, fun, and contains sound biblical truths. But, this type of ministry isn’t producing boys and girls who know the Holy Spirit and are equipped to radically impact their world. This revolution requires that we push aside the any and every mentality and teach strategic Holy Spirit lessons.

I admit that strategic Holy Spirit curriculums are few and far between. Thank God for Becky Fischer and Mark Harper who have written and produced great curriculums about the Holy Spirit. Our ministry has produced two downloadable curriculums as well with more on their way this year. (www.billyburns.com/store). But, here is a reality. Merely purchasing and teaching these curriculums won’t produce the desired results. This revolution requires an additional change in the way that things are done.

Here is this week’s revolution insight.  Establish in your heart that these Holy Spirit curriculums are designed to be a resource to draw from rather than a word-for-word lesson to be parroted verbatim. Here is what I mean. As I promote my curriculums in our Ignite & Unite Conferences, I tell people to purchase the curriculums and then don’t use them. The curriculums that I sell are meant to only be a spiritual foundation to build upon and NOT a word-for-word, object lesson-by-object lesson service to be taught. The lessons in my curriculums were a definite red-letter word from God for our ministry. Did you catch that? For our ministry. This insight is to tell you that God has something unique, red-letter, God-breathed-upon for your children!

How do you resource for a breakthrough? Recognize that the Spirit of God lives within you. Know that, if allowed, the Holy Spirit will speak to you as you read through the lesson amplifying a sentence or thought. A single object lesson might become the main springboard (resource) for what God is wanting to supernaturally say. Expect God’s thoughts to rise up within you in such a clear way that you won’t be able to deny what God is wanting to say. The rest of the lesson’s preparation will arise from that thus-saith-the-Lord word in your spirit.

Here is this week’s insight in a nutshell. Let’s quit being parrots so that we can make room for the Dove!

Next week, our Ministry Revolution Insight #3 will be Preach Until There is a Breakthrough.