God revealed His heart for boys and girls when He spoke through the prophet Joel and declared, “I will pour out my Spirit upon all flesh. Your sons and daughters will prophesy …” All across our land, children’s ministry leaders and workers are crying out for the fulfillment of this prophesy. They aren’t satisfied with anything less than a Joel 2 Generation! Many are recognizing that today’s ways of doing children’s ministry aren’t bringing about these results and are calling for a Children’s Ministry Revolution, a revolution to bring about a change.

Three weeks ago, I began a series of blog posts addressing how to bring about the needed changes. This week, we want to look at …
I know that the previous blog posts have gone against the way that most children’s ministries are conducted today. This week’s Preach Until There is a Breakthrough insight will really be revolutionary. Here is the challenge … today’s children’s ministries must drop the four week series teaching methodology and determine that they will preach until there is a breakthrough and they see what they are longing for.

I believe that this illustration will make the insight crystal clear. Picture this … your doctor has told you that an operation is needed. When questioned, the doctor tells you the date for the surgery, the amount of time needed for the operation, etc. You go to the hospital on the scheduled date, go into the operating room for the surgery, awake later in the recovery room and learn that the surgeon stopped the operation at the end of the predetermined length of time even though there was still much to be done. I don’t have to ask what your reaction would be. You would be furious to learn that the surgeon didn’t take the needed extra time to do the needed actions to bring about the needed results.

Can you see where I am going with this? In a day where children’s churches and mid-week Bible clubs teach a predetermined number of services on a subject and then move on to the next subject, I am challenging you to not leave your “operating room” and move on until you see the desired results. If you want to see boys and girls baptized in the Holy Spirit, then preach/teach until you get a breakthrough in this area. If you want to see children experience a depth in worship, then determine that you won’t settle for anything less than this and will not move on to another subject until the breakthrough happens.

Have I messed with your way of doing ministry? I will take this a step further next week when I share Ministry Revolution Insight #4 – Don’t Be Afraid to Park the Bus.