In this blog series’ logo, I posted “Settling For Nothing Less Than a Joel 2 Generation”. I am convinced that is why you are staring at a computer or smart device screen right now. You are a revolutionary longing to see a mighty move of God’s Spirit upon the children in your children’s ministry. I welcome you back for this sixth insight that will help launch a Joel 2 Generation.

I’ll say up front that this One is the Loneliest Number insight isn’t one that I have heard taught at a children’s ministry conference or read in any children’s ministry leadership book or blog post. And, I don’t know why … wait, I do know why … it involves prayer. Generally speaking, lessons are put together, components assigned, the lesson distributed a day or two before the service, and then the service is done. Prayer? We know exactly when that happens – in the service’s opening few minutes by the leader/teacher and then the planned lesson is taught, right?

This revolution insight calls for a major change. Are you ready for this? We must move from the one pray-er’s (that’s you as the leader/teacher) quicky, perfunctory prayer to a ministry that involves faithful, God-touching intercessors that causes heaven to be shaken and God’s Spirit poured out. This insight dictates the following actions:
* The lesson is prepared well in advance and distributed to your ministry team.
* On the days leading into the service, your team is to not only prepare to present the lesson but also passionately, consistently intercede for heaven to supernaturally speak to the boys and girls.
* Early in the week, communicate with a core group of intercessors about the lesson and its desired results. These intercessors are to have what I call a Jacob determination (“I’m not letting go until I get what I’m desiring” – Genesis 32) that will unrelentingly bombard heaven each and every week.
* Immediately after the service, communicate by a phone call, text message or email with these intercessors and tell them about what God has done so that they rejoice along with you.

Is this a radical departure from the way that things are done today? YES! Is this change important? YES! YES! YES!

Consider this example. Two men unknown to many, Daniel Nash and Abel Clary, were key to the revival that followed Charles Finney’s ministry. The two men would enter into a town before Finney’s revival  and intercede for heaven to touch souls. This fervent intercession continued daily throughout the revival. The result? Villages and cities were transformed.  Then Nash and Clary would travel to the next town to start the intercession for the next revival.

Can this happen today? Or, even more importantly, can this happen today in your children’s ministry? YES! YES! YES!

I close with these two quotes …

“Every great movement of God can be traced to a kneeling figure.”
~ D.L. Moody

“God does nothing but by prayer, and everything with it.”
~ John Wesley

Next week, our Ministry Revolution Insight #7 will be No Holding Back Allowed.