My greatest challenge each week is to keep this blog post sized down to a post that can be read and digested in a two to three minute reading period. The latest statistics that I’ve found states that the average reader reads at a rate of around 200 words per minute and, in doing so, comprehends 60% of what they’ve read. Each week, I struggle trying to place into three or four paragraphs what I could easily share in three or four pages. Enough said about my struggles. (I have already shared 117 words explaining wanting to keep the post short and readable. Go figure!)

Here is a truth that is so, so powerful and doesn’t need a lot of words of explanation. (Maybe I can average the word count in this blog post against one of the longer ones and help me feel better about my wpb -words per blog.) Here it is …

Being baptized in the Holy Spirit and walking
in the benefits of this relationship doesn’t make
you better than the person who is not Spirit-baptized.
It makes you better than you!

This should be enough said to deal with the elitism of some Spirit-filled believers.