I tend to forget that just because I have read each and every one of the blog posts for the last ten plus years (well over 550 posts) and personally attended each and every service that I have preached and workshop that I have taught, I am the ONLY one in the whole wide world that can make that claim. With the blog’s readership growing and us constantly meeting new people as we travel week to week ministering in our Holy Spirit Rallies and Ignite & Unite Conferences, I am quite sure that there are those that hear me mention the phrase “TODAY is the day of the Holy Ghost” in our meetings and/or read it in this blog and not know the significance of the statement that is our ministry’s anthem. Here’s the story behind the declaration.

One Sunday morning several years ago while Vickie and I were children’s pastors in South Florida, we had a tremendous time of praise and worship. So many of our children were going after God and His presence was so tangible. After this time of praise and worship, I stepped onto the platform, looked at Vickie and said, “I see the day that it will be difficult to stop our children from praising God in the service.” That was a great spiritual statement, or so I thought. Shortly after leaving the platform, God’s Spirit spoke to me and corrected me. He said for me to quit saying that I see the day coming and instead begin to say that TODAY is that day. He continued by emphasizing that we can cause ourselves to miss out on what God wants to do today by our constantly looking at the past where God had visited or by constantly looking at the future, a time that is always just past our reach. He told me to boldly declare “TODAY is the day of the Holy Ghost” and the door to the supernatural will be opened.  We thank God for the past, look forward to the future, but live with a full expectation of God’s Spirit moving mightily TODAY.

Now that you know the story, join me in declaring “TODAY is the day of the Holy Ghost.” Say it again and again. THIS is the day for the supernatural power of God to do new, unprecedented, exciting things! And, it begins TODAY!